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Black money cleaning

How you can Make SSD Chemical Solution for Cleaning Black Money?

Do you know what SSD solution is all about? For what purpose you can use this solution? Well SSD chemical solution is used for easily cleaning the defaced currency. You will find this chemical available in different color options such as stained notes, red notes, or stamped notes. Hence the SSD solution will show some better results when it is working along with the Powder activation. In just a few seconds, you will see the best results themselves. Zuta S4 is the one SSD chemical that is used for the removal of the dye out of the black money. Second, we have CS Vectrol for cleaning the stained notes. This is a form of paste texture that helps remove the unwanted substances from black notes.

How SSD Chemical Solution is made?

Now let’s talk about how this chemical solution is made! Well, this chemical solution is made using the mercuric nitric dioxide liquid in brown color. As a result, this solution eventually becomes insoluble in water.

SSD solution is also helpful in the removal of anti-breeze on different currency notes. This is how you will be able to give the notes an original color. Well, you will find that this money is all the time circulating in society because it never stays with one person. It is passed on all the time and hence this is how it works to let the note look black.

Can you use SSD Solution for Fake Money?

Yes, you can! This solution is best to use for the fake money in the same manner like it is used for the original money. It has the ability where it can clean the black color from notes no matter whether it is from fake money or the original one.

As the money is transferred from one person to another, it would be very much evident that the passing of the note will give it an old look. And eventually, it will become dirty in the whole look. But with the help of an SSD solution, you can easily have the old note get converted into the new one.

If your note is having any sort of stain on it, then with the help of an SSD solution, you can remove it without any hassle. So make sure that you use this solution for having your note gets cleaned from all sorts of stains.

Is SSD Chemical Solution Pricey?

No, it is not! It is not pricey at all and it is not expensive either. An ordinary person can purchase it easily without being hard on their pocket. Make sure you do not use the solution on any human body because it can show some harmful results after which you will need medication care. Chemicals used in SSD solution are very hard in which they are not suitable to be used on the human body at all.